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Colour by Numbers is a permanent light installation in the tower at Telefonplan in Stockholm, Sweden. Everyone can change the colours in the tower with their mobile phone, by calling or using the app.

Instructions for calling:



1. Call 020-720 200 and follow the instructions to colour the tower. The call is free of charge and limited to five minutes. Click the "live" tab above to see a live view of the tower as you change colours. From outside Sweden, call +46 8 122 012 35 (please note that this number is not toll-free).

2. Select the floors you wish to colour by pressing the digits 0 to 9, 0 being the bottommost floor, and 9 the topmost. Finish by pressing #. At any time, you can press * to go back and change your selection of floors.


3. Colour the selected floors. Any colour can be created by mixing red, green and blue. The digits 1 to 3, the top row of numbers on your telephone, control red. 1 gives less red, and 3 gives more. The middle row controls green. 4 gives less green, and 6 more. The bottom row controls blue. 7 gives less blue, and 9 more. On certain telephones (e.g. Iphone), you may have to press several times to change the colour. When you have finished colouring, you can press * to go back and select other floors. IASPIS home | about | contact